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By creating organization-wide transparency
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For better decision-making

What We Do

Breama is a company specialized in Salesforce implementations and application development. is the market´s leader in On Demand CRM. As Salesforce Consulting Partners, we offer our customers unique solutions, without the need of any IT infrastructure. Solutions that allow our customers to access their business critical information anywhere. Solutions that are affordable for companies of all sizes.

We strive on being the best in the business. Salesforce provides the scalable platform and we assistance your business by embedding a solid, transparent foundation so that your business can exceed expectations of the platform, maximizing your investment.

Your processes become more efficient. Your people are more effective. Your business is more successful.


Breama is your credited™ consulting partner accelerating maximum power from your solution. Our certified Salesforce consultants provide expert advice driving the very best return on investment through a range of innovative and unique services and implementation methodologies.

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Efficiency Is doing Things Right;
Effectiveness is doing the right things

Peter Drucker

Real Numbers, Real Savings


Hours Of Saved Time

Efficient workflows between devices means your data is accessible anytime, anywhere


Avg Savings Per Month

Get the dedicated professional that built your app to run your app. No need for costly traditional IT


Less In House Resources

Manage your business from the comfort of your own home or in the field from the front seat of your truck


More Data Security

Sleep better at night knowing that your data is secure. Never worry about another backup again.


tyler schwartz
CEO - Breama inc

How We Do It


Much More than just a CRM

The end of chaos

From CRM in the office to the field operations, we specialize in building mobile work forces.

All the data you need to make informed business decisions will be immediately available at your fingertips, whether you’re in the C-suite or the field. Your customers can easily access information they need such as safety certifications.


Whether or not you’re already using Salesforce as a solution in your business, we help discover and present to the business the hidden opportunities traditional Salesforce Teams struggle with, in relation to their clients overall business structures. If you’re already using Salesforce, we can show you how to leverage it throughout your business for improved business decision-making.We design and develop user-friendly applications that can easily be scaled throughout your business. All applications are pushed to be mobile ready, with offline capability.

Our Salesforce Expertise:

  • CRM Implementation & Enhancements
  • Consulting & Administration
  • Training & Support
  • Application Development
  • Managed Application Services

Website Design and Marketing Strategies

Providing the capability of embedding your customer relationships directly to your website into your business applications. Your website can be tailored to work with your custom applications, bringing a new customer to life experience.

Our Capabilities:

  • Responsive & Intuitive Website Design
  • Strategic Content Writing
  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Complete Salesforce Integration

our solution

4 stepping stones





"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

- Anonymous

Our Strategy



FIRST, our discovery and design process is thorough:

Work with your Business Leads to define and capture your current processes and the integration points between sales processes and operational execution..

Work with your stakeholders to document operational measures on key processes.

Partner with your IS and Business leaders to document existing processes, create Salesforce roadmaps and documentation for the processes being developed and identify the gaps to implement them.

Conduct end-to-end analysis of your business processes; carry out functional design, process definition, as well as business process and workflow mapping.

THEN, we design highly effective work flows and processes. This is where you, our client, will begin to see the ROI quickly.

Act as process consultant for all your business process operational projects by actively assisting in the Salesforce application development of process improvement, and process design.

We double and triple check everything for seamless execution.

Design process changes and the documentation and governance of new processes.





FINALLY, on an ongoing basis:

Conduct operational reviews with your stakeholders at regular intervals to assess process performance against your KPI's and identify key areas for improvement.
We help you maintain these new processes and identify areas where there may be a bottleneck.
Optimize these processes and application performance to drive value realization and process capacity utilization for your organization.

Interface with your stakeholders to constantly and consistently assess process optimization benefits and prioritize work to align with your strategic and tactical goals.

Mentor the business and IS community by generating business process management (BPM) awareness through coaching on process improvement.

Engage in the appropriate research and educational opportunities to further develop your business process competencies.

"These solutions will drive share value"

- Breama Client


Wondering what the ROI is with our solution?

Your processes become more efficient. Your people are more effective. Your business is more successful.

Initial-IndustriesInitial Industries Ltd. provides Truck/Fluid Hauling, Hotshot/Oilfield Delivery and Steam Truck Services to the Peace River, Alberta area. Incorporating Breama’s solutions into Initial Industries’ workflows has meant big savings and transparency throughout its business.

“We’ve been in business since 2011. Before we started working with Breama, we had no idea of our real time spending, our paperwork was overwhelming and we spent far too much time on administration,” says Chris Johnson, CEO of Initial Industries. “Now I can see where we need to make changes. It’s incredibly simple now to look at the data Breama’s applications provide, and be able to make informed decisions that are better for my company in the long run.”

One way Breama Business Solutions has made a big difference to Initial Industries’ bottom line is by creating a digital ticketing and invoicing system. Previously, Johnson’s company had a two-step process; it relied on the drivers to fill out paper tickets manually and then to submit the completed paperwork. The information then had to be entered again by an administration person at the office. Sometimes the drivers used the wrong codes, or the paperwork got misplaced temporarily.

“That doesn’t happen anymore. With Breama’s solution, it’s a one step, no fail process. The drivers enter the information directly into the system electronically and it goes right into our accounting system,” adds Johnson. “The application forces consistency and I don’t have to rely on my field guys to do the paperwork correctly and submit it anymore.”

Johnson says another situation where Breama’s solution paid off for his company was the data it provided about his vehicle costs. “I looked at the history of what I had spent on my vehicles and the data showed me that it would be more cost effective to purchase new vehicles than to continue to service my existing ones, so we’ve saved big dollars there.”

Our Clients

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